One of the highlights of the Annual Film Festival are the movie site tours.  This year, to provide more opportunities to participate, many of the tours are being offered multiple times throughout the festival. For tickets and information call the ticket hotline 760 876-9103.


The 2019 Tours Schedule and Descriptions:


Ansel Adams Tour, Fri Oct 11Sold Out 2 8-10:30AM and Sat Oct 12 Sold Out 21:30-3:30PM

image1 1

Ansel Adams said, “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.  Join California Historian Page Williams, and follow Ansel Adams’ footsteps to five specific sites in which he created images that capture our beautiful landscape. Bring your camera of choice.  Learn about Ansel Adams, and take your own photos of the areas.  When you get home and look at the photos, send your favorite one in, and we will post them on the Lone Pine Film Festival Facebook page.  

Camera, sunscreen, sturdy walking shoes! 

Some walking over uneven ground!  

Tour Guide: Page Williams is a California Historian and a fifth generation native Californian.  Page spent over 40 years working in the film industry until her retirement five years ago.  


Arches Tour, Sat Oct 12 Sold Out 28:00-10:30AM


Most people would agree that the Alabama Hills exhibit an extraordinary beauty with its unique rock formations, stunning skylines, and the backdrop of the majestic High Sierra mountain range.   It is no wonder that the film industry has repeatedly chosen this area as a location for so many movies. However, hidden within the rocks, there is another, often overlooked, natural treasure, the arches of the Alabama Hills. There are reportedly over 300 of these geologic structures in the area and they range in size from just inches to over twenty feet in length. This driving and walking tour will include three of the area’s best arches, as well as short hikes through a couple of areas where there is a concentration of these features. Please note you will be walking total area of over two miles on rough terrain!   Be sure to bring cameras, binoculars, water, and wear comfortable and appropriate hiking shoes. Warning: Hunting for arches can be addictive!

Tour Guide Page Williams is a California Historian and a fifth generation native Californian.  Page spent over 40 years working in the film industry until her retirement three years ago. She used the Alabama Hills and the Owens Valley as a get away from the turmoil of living in the Los Angeles area.


Bar 20 Ranch Tour, Sat Oct 12 10:30Sold Out 2AM -12:30PM  and Sun Oct 13Sold Out 2 8:30-10:30AM

Bar20 Ranch.pic2

Lone Pine’s future looks brightest when honoring its storied past. So let’s jump on the time machine and visit the still-working ranch which served as the original “Bar 20” in the first and best Hopalong Cassidy feature film made in 1935. Come and see the historic and beautiful Lubken Ranch. Incredibly, the many westerns film location books have all ignored it because until 2011 its storied movie history was unknown  — even at our own festival. We begin in the museum theatre with a video compilation of western excerpts shot at this pastoral venue covering the period from 1926 through 1949. Then travel up into the splendors of Lone Pine scenery via car caravan to tour the sacred grounds of the Lubken spread. There we will search for the ghosts of cowboy heroes who made scenes here we have known practically all our lives: Gene Autry, Randolph Scott, Bob Steele, Tim Holt, Ken Maynard, Fred Humes, Gabby Hayes, Richard Arlen, Big Boy Williams, Bill Cody, Hoot Gibson, Tom Mix, Johnny Mack Brown, Tom Tyler — even BONANZA shot here! Some walking is required as we trace the footsteps of screen legends through this rare oasis of green in Lone Pine. Come re-live magic movie moments and make new memories too.

Tour Guide is author and film historian Richard W. Bann.

Note: The Tour Presentation for both Bar 20 Ranch Tours is Saturday 9:00 - 10:00 in the Museum Theater. Attendance is encouraged, as the tour presentation is designed to enhance the tour experience.


Frontier Days Tour, Fri Oct 11Sold Out 2 10:30AM -12:30PM

frontier Days tourpic

Easily two-fisted Bill Cody’s finest effort — he plays “The Pinto Kid’ — even the toughest-to-please of all trade papers, VARIETY loved it. An incredible achievement. Frontier Days was produced in 1934 as a humble raw-west programmer on Hollywood’s rock-bottom Poverty Row. But some of us believe this fast-paced little thrill fest made for “no money” to be the single definitive Lone Pine film of them all, for the simple reason it makes expert and full use of so much what Lone Pine has to offer — among other things, the rugged boulder terrain all across the Alabama Hills; the "Hoppy Cabin” (before any Hopalong Cassidy films had ever been made); and only because the unsung Bob Hill directed it (see the 2009 edition of LONE PINE IN THE MOVIES available at the Museum), scenes were shot in town! It is modest but obscure and wonderful time travel discoveries like Frontier Days that justify our festival and our museum and make new converts for the B-Westerns film genre.

Come along with Tour Guides Richard W. Bann and Don Kelsen to see for yourself. 


"GOOD DAY AT BLACK ROCK” Tour, FRI Oct 11 8:30-10:30AM, FRI Oct 11Sold Out 2 4:00-6:00PM

Sat Oct 12Sold Out 2 4:00-6:00PM and Sun Oct 13 Sold Out 210:30AM -12:30PM

 Bad Day at Black Rock tour.pic

First stop: Owens Dry Lake. These strange flat areas have been used for races and scenes for several movies including “Courageous Avenger,” "Army Girl,” and Mel Gibson’s ”Maverick.” Second Stop: “Black Rock” movie town site which gives the tour its name, “A Good Day at Black Rock.” Using large Photos and sharing humorous anecdotes, Mr. Condit will lead folks through the area. A short walking distance from “Black Rock” the tour will then take a stroll to the site of the ghost town set that was used in Robert Taylor’s “The Law and Jake Wade.” This particular location provides guests with a great photo op. Third stop: A short drive back to the Alabama Hills to the “Gunga Din” bridge area where Ernest Borgnine ran Spencer Tracey down into the ravine. Fourth Stop: The Alabama Hills location where the climax of the movie took place. Your turn to hide behind the rock that Robert Ryan comes from behind when Tracy throws the Molotov cocktail at him. Kaboom! Study up and see if you can stump Jerry on trivia.   

Tour Guide Jerry Condit is an artist and photographer who currently lives in the San Fernando Valley. After discovering Lone Pine and those fabulous Alabama Hills 25 years ago, the area has become very dear to his heart as a second home and favorite place to get lost, meditate and escape. He is passionate about Lone Pine’s movie history, especially the vintage years. Condit is currently re-photographing, from original camera positions, the many Alabama Hills locations that appeared on the silver screen.

Note: The film screening of Bad Day at Black Rock is Sunday 7:30am in the High School Auditorium


Gunga Din Tour, Fri Oct 11Sold Out 2 1:30-3:30PM, Sat Oct 12Sold Out 2 1:30-3:30PM and Sun Oct 13 3:30-5:30PM

Gunga Din Temple movie set

Three tours of Gunga Din's most memorable and important film locations in the Alabama Hills on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. Participants on this year's tours can expect stops at the 1939 film's battle sites; the “tent city” location, which was established for cast and crew; the famous wooden bridge location; the village of Tantrapur area; the grounds of the gold temple; and the fields of the British outpost at Muri.  

Tour Guide: Christopher Langley, Film Historian, Author and Inyo County Film Commissioner

Note: The 80th anniversary film screening of Gunga Din is Friday 10:00am in the High School Auditorium

Hopalong Cassidy Tour, Fri Oct 11Sold Out 2 10:30AM -12:30PMSat Oct 12Sold Out 2 4:00-6:00 PM,

and Sun Oct 13 Sold Out 23:30-5:30PM

hopalong Cassidy.pic

Released in 1935 by Paramount Pictures, Hopalong Cassidy is the very first of 66 Hopalong Cassidy movies produced – all starring William Boyd.  It’s also one of the most recognized titles associated with the film festival.  It’s about a ranch foreman played by Ken Thomson who tries to hide a rustling operation by provoking a range war between two ranchers by rustling cattle from both ranches then framing one for the other for the missing livestock.  Then, with the help of Cassidy and his sidekicks Johnny Nelson, played by Jimmy Ellison, and Red Connors, played by Frank McGlynn, Jr, the ranchers join forces to do in the rustlers.  Our tour will take us to where Uncle Ben, played by George “Gabby” Hayes, gets shot in the back and dies in Hoppy’s arms.  We’ll also see where Hoppy exacts revenge on the outlaws at their hideout in Thunder Mesa.

Tour Guide: Greg Parker

Note: The film screening and tour presentation for all of these Hopalong Cassidy Tours is Friday 8:00 -9:30 in the Museum Theater. Attendance is encouraged, as the tour presentation is designed to enhance the tour experience.


King of the Pecos Tour, Sat Oct 12Sold Out 2 10:30-12:30PM and Sat Oct 12Sold Out 2 1:30-3:30PM

 King of the Pecostour pic

John Wayne's only lost film, THE OREGON TRAIL, was the focus of last year's Lone Pine Film Festival. The same season, he made a punch-packed,  action western KING OF THE PECOS for Republic Pictures, also shot in Lone Pine. As a boy, Wayne witnesses his homesteader parents viciously murdered by a ruthless claim jumper. A decade later, as an attorney, Wayne returns to Texas bringing not only six guns but law and order, seeking revenge against this same and now powerful figure who deprives cattle ranchers of water rights. Tour the site of Wayne's boyhood homestead. 

See how the Alabama Hills stand in for the open range of the Lone Star State and New Mexico in the1870's. Then visit the Lone Ranger Canyon location where the climactic showdown between Wayne and these desperadoes was staged.  

Tour Guide: Don Kelsen

Note: The film screening of King of the Pecos is Saturday 7:30am in the High School Auditorium. 


Movies East of Lone Pine Tour, Fri Oct 11 8:00-10:30AM, Sat Oct 12Sold Out 2 8:00-10:30AM and Sun Oct 13 8:00 -10:30AM

Tremmors Gif

Lone Pine is more than the Eastern Sierra and the Alabama Hills; it is the Gateway to Death Valley. Across from our legendary Alabama Hills are the Inyo Mountains, a 20-mile distance between peaks, and home to its own unique and isolated landscape including abandoned mining towns and towns that appear abandoned today but having unique residents.

Hollywood studios found an easy contrast to the west side view in the desert, with dry mountains and long dry views. East of Lone Pine housed famous trains depots like Owenyo, Keeler and Lone Pine, the station featured in the classic film Bad Day at Black Rock. The varied films that filmed here an array of Hollywood actors and actresses that worked the “East Side” will impress you.

The Yosts will make cinematic magic. You will stand in the desert, but thru viewing large format screen shots of famous scenes the Yosts will transport you to another time and space. Water hole # 3 (1935) starring James Coburn set the “Code of the West” of East Lone Pine: Do unto others …do unto others before they do unto you!” Roll the cameras! Action!

Tour Guides: Donna and Burt Yost


Owens Lake History and Natural History Tour, Thurs Oct 10 Sold Out 212:30-3:00PM

Owens Lake Perry

Owens Lake has a fascinating story with significant impact on Lone Pine and the area.  Two local experts, authors and educators will team up to guide this amazing tour. Mike Prather will provide insight into the geology, history and natural history of this remarkable area and share the transition from vibrant ancient lake, to dry lake, air mitigation projects, and how the area is now recognized as an important bird habitat. Chris Langley will share Owens Lake film history. This is a premier dynamic guide duo providing an unforgettable Owens Lake experience. 

Tour Guide: Mike Prather with Christopher Langley

Randolph Scott in Lone Pine Tour, Fri Oct 11 Sold Out 21:30-3:30PM, and Sat Oct 12Sold Out 2 10:30-12:30AM 

and Added Due to Popular Demand Sun Oct 13 Sold Out 210:00-12:30

randolph scott

Tall, lean, handsome and resolute Randolph Scott (1898-1987) was perhaps the iconic western hero - the epitome of how a western hero should look and act. He made westerns from 1929 to 1962. 

His earlier western image was tough but also debonair, courtly and easy-going, as befitting his southern origins. As he gracefully matured his characters revealed more hardness, worldly wisdom and stoicism. Scott made about a dozen films in the Lone Pine area, from The Thundering Herd (1933) to Comanche Station (1959). This presentation will look at Scott’s acting career and focus on his dozen or so Lone Pine films. The presentation will include clips from these films and on the accompanying tour, we will visit several Alabama Hills locations. If you have signed up for one of the presentations, please join us for the tour.

Towards the end of a stellar movie career Randolph Scott, with director Budd Boetticher and writer Burt Kennedy made four marvelous films in the Lone Pine area. These films: Seven Men from Now (1956), The Tall T (1957), Ride Lonesome (1959) and Comanche Station (1959) are now considered western masterpieces. However, Scott had been making great westerns in the Alabama Hills since 1933 (The Thundering Herd / Buffalo Stampede). His other excellent Lone Pine films include Frontier Marshall (1939), The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949), Man in the Saddle (1951) and Hangman’s Knot (1952). On this tour, we will visit several Randolph Scott locations and see how the filmmakers used these locations to enhance their films. While at the locations we will also highlight other films shot in the immediate neighborhood. As we will look at locations used for multiple films this tour is recommended for those new to the festival as well as those who love Randolph Scott.

Tour Guides: Ross Schnioffsky and Warren Davey

Note: We strongly recommend that participants for the Friday and Saturday tours attend the Randolph Scott in the Lone Pine illustrated talk which will be presented in the Museum Theater Friday 11:30 -1:00pm immediately before the Friday tour. The presentation will provide a contextual framework for the tour and will include film excerpts. 


Stunt Show, Sat Oct 12 10:30AM -12:30PM High School Gymnasium

stunt punch

Join Diamond Farnsworth and John Moio as they take us into the world of movie stunts. There will be demonstrations and discussion to thrill everyone in the audience! Purchase a Stunt Show ticket for this lively look behind the scenes of movie and TV action.


Sunrise Tour, Sat Oct 12 Sold Out 26:00-8:30AM and Sun Oct 13Sold Out 2 6:00-8:30AM

Sunrise tours.pic

For 30 years film festival visitors have thrilled to the breath taking beauty of the Eastern High Sierra “Sunrise Tour”. A photographer’s dream event, but so inspirational, everyone can enjoy this early morning spectacle.  See why directors and cinematographers couldn't get enough of the spectacular mornings in "The Range of Light." Watch the morning sun ignite the peak of Mt. Whitney and bring the Alabama Hills to life. Share good fellowship with a spectacular light show a continental breakfast, a little music, a little poetry, and a start to your film festival day that will never be forgotten.  

Tour Guide: Larry Maurice


The Rip Van Winkle Caper Tour, Fri Oct 11Sold Out 2 1:30-3:30PM and Sun Oct 13 3:30-5:30PM

Rip Van Winkle Caper.tour.pic

The original Twilight Zone series was first broadcast in 1959 on CBS television.

During the course of the second season, two episodes were produced in the Owens Valley. In April 1961, “The Rip Van Winkle Caper,” one of the two 25 minute episodes was filmed in rugged the Alabama Hills and sun-bleached Olancha Dunes. To honor this classic TV series we’ll tour two areas of the Alabama Hills where Director Justus Addiss creates a story of science fiction, complications, and intrigue. A crew of four thieves successfully steal a shipment of gold, avoid capture for 100 years and don’t live to talk about their caper. In 2019 CBS ALL ACCESS has introduced an updated version of this classic television Series. To date, the Alabama Hills has not been asked to co-star in this update.

Join Don Kelsen, Tour Guide on this journey into the Twilight Zone.

Note: The Tour Presentation for both Rip Van Winkle Caper Tours is Friday 9:30 - 10:00 in the Museum Theater. Attendance is encouraged, as the tour presentation is designed to enhance the tour experience.


The White Outlaw Tour, Fri Oct 11Sold Out 2 4:00-6:00PM and Sat Oct 12: 8:30-10:30AM

The White Outlaw tour.pic

Released in 1925 by Universal Pictures, The White Outlaw is one of only three surviving silent westerns made in Lone Pine by star Jack Hoxie.  It co-stars Marceline Day and tells the tale of an abused white horse belonging to Jack that escapes and begins rounding up ranch horses to make his own herd.  Jack is forced by the ranchers to track down the “outlaw” and do away with him but Jack has other ideas.  See where this all played out in the Alabama Hills.  The horse and dog featured in the film are Hoxie’s personal animals, Scout and Bunk.

Tour Guide: Greg Parker

Note: The film screening and tour presentation for both The White Outlaw Tours is Friday 2:00 - 3:30 in the Museum Theater. Attendance is encouraged, as the tour presentation is designed to enhance the tour experience.


Wagon Train to the Stars Tour, Fri Oct 11Sold Out 2 10:30AM-12:30PM and Sat Oct 12: 4:00-6:00PM

Star Tek V Poster

Need a break from horses and cowboys? Come with us to see where flying saucers flew, where giant sand worms cavorted, where graboids feasted on human flesh, where mutants rode across Nimbus III, the planet of Intergalactic Peace, and where ordinance magnate Tony Stark created a flying suit of iron. Brick Bradford, Jack Armstrong and Bruce Gentry may stop by as well.

Led by Star Trek enthusiast Robert Oswald and assisted by his own Vanna White of outer space, Krissy Oswald, the Wagon Train to the Stars Tour is two hours that will transport you to some of movies' most memorable locations including  those of Jack Armstrong: The All American Boy (1947), Brick Bradford, American Soldier of Fortune (1947), Bruce Gentry: Daredevil of the Skies (1949), Rocketship X/M (1950), Bamboo Saucer (1968), Star Trek V : The Final Frontier (1989), Tremors (1990), and  Iron Man (2008,)

 Tour Guides: Robert and Krissy Oswald