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October 4th-8th 2018

Dow Villa Motel

The Dow Hotel was built in the early 1920s. Even then Hollywood was looking for movie locations where there was a variety of scenery. Where better than the Owens Valley, with its snow-capped Sierra, its ancient Alabama Hills, its deserts and mountain lakes and streams. And when they came on location, they needed lodging. Mr. Walter Dow, a Lone Pine resident, could see ahead and knew what it could mean to the valley to have the big movie business, so he built the Dow Hotel.

Originally the Hotel had 55 rooms and one apartment for the manager. The front porch gave a magnificent view of the Sierra with Mt. Whitney the central attraction. The Dow Hotel hosted countless producers, directors and stars. To name a few of the stars, John Wayne, William Boyd, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Pat Buttrum, Stewart Granger, Errol Flynn, Robert Mitchum and Clayton Moore.

When the golden days of movies began to die down, television and tourism came in. Here again, film companies found housing at the Dow Hotel. In 1957 Mr. Walter Dow sold the Hotel to Mr. & Mrs. Joe Bonham and Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Turner. The Bonhams and the Turners built the first Motel section adjacent to the Hotel where Santa Rosa Catholic Church used to be located, naming the new addition "The Dow Villa Motel." In 1959 a second section to the Motel was added, and a third in 1963. All three of the original Motel sections have had a major reconstruction and beautification.

310 S Main St,
Lone Pine, CA 93545
(760) 876-5521 
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