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Fukuhara Graphic 2017 

The 20th Annual Henry Fukuhara Manzanar Workshop

Thursday May 18 to Monday May 22, 2017

Henry and Friends: A Legacy of Giving Back

Fun, camaraderie and artistic inspiration 5 days in the Owens Valley,
at the foot of the Eastern Sierra

 8 Instructional Outdoor Demos and 3 Group Critiques by prominent artist teachers

Highlights of 2017 Workshop
Organized by Albert Setton and his gang, the 20th Annual Henry Fukuhara Manzanar Workshop is now open for enrollment. Approximately 100 artists and their supporters will come to town for a 5-day out door event from Thursday May 18 to Monday May 22, 2017.  Their itinerary calls for the artists to paint at sites in or near Keeler, Alabama Hills, the Manzanar National Historic Site, Owens Lake Bird sanctuary, and Lake Diaz.

It will include 8 Instructional Outdoor Demos and 3 Group Critiques by prominent artist teachers including our own Dan Dickman from Keeler. Also teaching will be Dave Deyell from Thousand Oaks,  Phyllis Doyon from Camarillo, Woody Hansen from Sacramento, Ron Libbrecht from Torrance, Rea Nagel from Van Nuys, David Peterson from Sacramento and Albert Setton from Santa Monica.

For information on how to enroll go to www.apcfinearts.com, hover on Workshop to reveal the dropdown menu and click on Workshop 2017.  For a peek at last year’s workshop locations, instructors and group digital show click on Workshop Gallery 2016

Critiques will take place at the theater in the Museum of Western Fillm History on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Organized by Albert Setton. Assisted by Shelley Pearson; Dan Dickman;
Ron Libbrecht & Jeanette Pauer

 To Enroll: 

1. Send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, address, email, and phone #.
2. Send a check for $150.00 made out to Michele Pearson and mail to:
Michele Pearson, 1244 12th Street, Unit 5, Santa Monica 90401.

For questions or more information contact: 
Shelley: (310) 663-9582 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Al: (310) 428 0051 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If this is your first Workshop also send/email your contact info  (address, phone, email)

* Work submitted for group critiques must be painted during the 2017 workshop, must be at or near completion, must be ¼ sheet (11x15) or larger and must be presented in a mat along with the artist’s plan for the painting. All other works can receive individual critiques during Office Hours.
A few words On Henry Fukuhara & The Workshop

Fukuhara ImageAccording to a wonderful tribute written by fellow watercolor artist John Salchak, Henry Fukuhara was born in Los Angeles in 1913 and he developed a strong interest in art while in high school. He briefly studied at the Otis Art Institute and showed promise as an up-and-coming artist until, during World War II, at the age of 29, Fukuhara, along with his wife and two young daughters, were sent to the Japanese-American Relocation Center at Manzanar. After being released in 1944, he moved with his family to New York where he joined his father and brother in the wholesale flower business, leaving little time for art.

In 1972, he once again took up painting and quickly developed his own unique personal style. It was not long before he began winning awards and his artwork was being shown in numerous galleries. According to Salchak’s tribute, Fukuhara discovered that he enjoyed teaching and taught many workshops around the country. When Fukuhara and his family moved back to Santa Monica, Calif. in 1987, he continued teaching and mentoring others.

It was in 1998 that he began returning to Manzanar to conduct workshops in watercolor. Because of failing health and eyesight, Fukuhara no longer was able to attend the workshops after 2005, and he passed away in 2010 at the age of 96. His artistic legacy lives on in the workshops that have continued under the aegis of Al Setton, a friend, artist, and great admirer of Fukuhara. He and others are determined to keep the art and memory of Henry Fukuhara alive.

According to Setton, all of the instructors and organizers donate their time to keep the workshop affordable and to encourage artists of all levels to attend. As the organizer of the event, Setton went on to say that treading in Henry’s footsteps was an honor, a privilege, and a large responsibility.

Setton explained that this is an opportunity for professional and amateur artists to get together with others whose artwork reflects their own unique and personal expression. Over the 20 years of the workshop, the artists have painted at various locations in the Alabama Hills, the Manzanar Historic site, Lone Pine, Independence, Keeler and Olancha. There is more information on the annual workshop to be found by visiting www.AlSetton.com.

The visiting workshop artists repeatedly comment on the beauty of the area and the remarkable friendliness, cooperation, and hospitality of the people that live in the area. Speaking of the weather, the group has painted in high wind, dust, cold and snowy conditions. They have had occasion to seek shelter at the Lone Pine airport, as well as the Boulder Creek RV Park. According to Setton however, the majority of the time the weather has been perfect, with sunny blue skies and a slight breeze — perfect for outdoor painting.

The Museum of Western Film History provides its theatre for critiques and the Best Western Motel serves as the local headquarters while the group is in the area. The Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce has also been very supportive, as has local resident and professional artist Dan Dickman of Keeler who, according to Setton, has been an invaluable, facilitator and host; serving as both location finder and local guide.


Contact Info

The Museum of Western Film History
701 S. Main Street
Lone Pine, CA 93545