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Three Days in LONE PINE: An Untold Tale of the High Sierra, 1873

Three Days in LONE PINE: An Untold Tale of the High Sierra, 1873
Product Code: Three Days in LONE PINE: An Untold Tale of the High Sierra, 1873
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Do you believe in angels? In 1873 the town of Lone Pine, California came to believe in them. Lone Pine is the home of Mt. Whitney, highest mountain in the contiguous United States, towering some 14, 497 feet. The white granite range of the High Sierra has been around for several thousand years, its towering spires unique in North America. However, the first recorded climb to this peak was not until August 18th, 1873, when three local fishermen braved the lofty crags and reached its elusive summit. Prior to that, there had been many attempts, but recorded history tells us those climbers who made the attempts never ended up on the right peak! Some of them did not return, and were never heard from again. Hundreds of peaks point skyward in this range of mountains, and though Mt. Whitney is the highest, it remained the most elusive for decades. But Indian legends tell of evil spirits that once made their abode atop this very mountain. From this great height it was believed that these dark forces planned their wicked strategies against our entire country. It was their mountain! The Indian legends also foretold of a time when the evil would be no more; a time when men and women would freely hike the mountain and experience the wonder and exhilaration it could produce within one’s spirit. According to those legends, and according to an old diary found in the hills just west of Lone Pine, that time did arrive. It was in August of 1873, when the most powerful leader of the angelic host paid an unannounced visit to the town. After his Three Days in Lone Pine, the mountain, the birds and the animals…even the people, would never be the same. 206 Pages .......................................................



About the Author


About the Author: Mark Stephen Taylor is the award-winning author of a most enlightening journey; 'Hiking the Trail of Truth', Knowing God Through His Creation, published in February of 2009. Following that most inspiring autobiography he went on to write; 'Hiking Life’s Difficult Trails'; a spiritual journey into the struggles that we all face as we walk through our daily lives. His fictional works that followed are; 'A High Sierra Christmas'; an untold tale of Jeremiah Johnson, 'The Sun, The Glass, and The Leaning Rock'; The Secret of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold, and 'The Secret of Monument Valley'; The Trail of the Anasazi. The last two writings mentioned above are the first two installments in his most interesting mystery series, involving treasure hunter Rod Florea and cartographer (map maker) Mitch Holland. These tales offer both cliff-hanging fiction and profound reality, and are actually based on enduring legends and controversies that we’re all familiar with. There are two more books scheduled for this series, 'The Treasure of the High Sierra', and 'The Secret of Death Valley', both due out in 2012. In this newest release, 'Three Days in Lone Pine; An Untold Tale of the High Sierra', Mr. Taylor delves into the history surrounding the very first climbs of Mt. Whitney, highest mountain in the contiguous United States. This is no ordinary tale, and deals with both the cultures of the times and some illuminating, supernatural events that unfold on the town, which allow us to embrace a deeper understanding of the difficulties that all of us face in the world in which we live today. This story is based on the age-old struggle between the forces of good and evil, and opens our eyes to the actual reality behind it all.




Mark Stephen Taylor is what you might call an author on the road (be sure to check out his VIDEO on this author's page). Since his retirement from law enforcement in 1994, he has hiked much of the High Sierra mountain range of California and explored the vast deserts of the American Southwest. He has also spent time among the Native Americans. His experiences and knowledge have earned him a writing style that is indeed unique. His books include both fiction and non-fiction works--there's something of interest for everyone. His book tours also allow him to meet with many people on a personal level and share with them his obvious wisdom and insight. Mr. Taylor was educated in criminal psychology and geology, and is currently a Biblical teacher and counselor. His award-winning autobiography, 'Hiking the Trail of Truth', is perhaps one of the most informative books ever written on the subject of 'knowing God through His creation'. Each of his varied works, both fiction and non-fiction, have generated outstanding reviews. He's always out there; hiking around somewhere in the west and working on something new. His latest historical fiction works are: 'The Secret of Monument Valley; the Trail of the Anazazi', which is based on actual accounts from Native Americans of the Navajo Nation, and, 'Three Days in Lone Pine: an Untold Tale of the High Sierra', which is based on both history and legend surrounding the ill-fated first climbs (1873) of California's Mt. Whitney; highest mountain in the contiguous USA. His most recent work (Aug 2012), 'Treasure of the High Sierra: Dead Men's Gold', is a must read for those who love pirate tales and ghost stories. Our latest report on Mr. Taylor is that he is living in or near Lone Pine CA, and currently writing, 'Something Has Come Between Us', a spiritual journey, and also working on the newest addition to his mystery series, 'The Secret of Death Valley'. Taylor does occasional weekend book signings (weather permitting) in the town at the 'Lone Pine Rock and Gift Shop', and also at the 'Lone Star Bistro'. Information on contacting Mr. Taylor personally can be found within any of his books. He claims to be nobody special, and loves to hear from his readers.

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