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The Thoughts & Customs of the American Indian

The Thoughts & Customs of the American Indian
Product Code: The Thoughts & Customs of the American Indian
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JimPhillips worked as a missionary to his people for several years and this is a set of lessons that he put together for other Native Americans. It was so popular that he decided to put this booklet together for all to read and study. It has touched many lives and people have said it is one of the most deeply spiritual books ever printed.Veronica Flood ,niece of John Fire "Lame Deer" said" This is the most accurate book I have ever seen written about the life of the Lakotah people. Even the words are spelled correctly". This is truly an Introduction to the Thoughts and Customs of the Native American. Some of these stories are great to use as illustrations in sermons and Bible lessons. Here are a few words that Wayne from the United Kingdon had to say about this little book"Dear Mr.Traveling Dog On a recent trip to the Western states I happened across your book in a small gift shop in Lone Pine, Ca. Among all the other books large and small, this one seemed to leap out at me when I briefly glanced through it. I realized straight away it was something special.-I found some answers to many of my questions about the American Indian in your fine book and I am simply writing to tell you thank you your words touched me deeply-I will treasure them forever."  In Oct.& Nov. 2007 It was one of the top selling books of the week at Russo's Books in Bakersfield, California.  48 Pages Paperback


About the Author:

Dr. James M. Phillips is recognized worldwide as a scholar and leading authority on Biblical Languages, Church History, and Biblical Doctrines.

To read more about Dr. Philips and his teachings please see -


Dr. Philips is an avid amateur radio operator and communincates with wide range of fans. See



Many people have pestered me about writing something on QRZ about myself especially Bruce KE7LGD. So here it goes. Hi my name is Jim N7IU. I got my 7 callsign when I lived in Fishlake Valley where I grew up there in the 50's and 60's. I have lived there for about 30 years of my live and even though I don't live there now I left my heart there.I love the mountains and the many wonderful sights in and around that valley. I was a Volunteer Examiner in the Bishop and Nevada areaand gave manyham tests and had many get togethers at my QTH in Fishlake Valley. My mother Faye is a ham KF6HUI. My wife Marilyn KG6TBO, my son Gary KD6QMS, and daughter Dakotah KI6KIW are all hamstersI got into ham radio in 1961 and have loved radio all of my life. I listened to short wave as a child and loved to work on radios and build electronic kits. I was so shy when I first got into radio that I never talked for years but once I got started I made up for lost time. I have taught history,political science, western civilization, Koine Greek, BiblicalHebrewand love and teach U S history and the Old West History. I was spokesman for the American Indian Counselin Bakersfield California for several years and have lectured on Native American culture in California , Nevada, Texas and Oklahoma. I am of Native American descent Cherokee,Lakotah, Dakotah, Chickasaw and Ojibwaand 1/32 Scotts from Smith Paul founder of Pauls Valley Oklahoma. I have written over 100 books and love to write and teach about the Bible, Church history, American Indian culture and philosophy.There are two websites on the world wide web with books that I have written and hundreds of classes that I have taught, and Randall Vanden Hoek the webmaster maintains them. About 30 years ago I was invited to become part of the 3913 bunch by Jesse NO9Pand have been there ever since. In the evenings. Ed K9HSS and I occassionally tell stories which many of the listeners seem to love. Itell stories about my numerous crazy and wild adventuresof hunting and fishing in the wilds of the mountains and the ocean. I have occassionally been known to talk about my great great grand father Sam Paul and his exciting adventures as an Indian Marshal in Indian Territory and our families very exciting business adventures in Lincoln County, New Mexico, and my families part in the Lincoln County war ON THE GOOD SIDE with Billy the Kid. 73 for now and I hope to hear and talk to you on 3913 lsb in the evenings or 7.220 lsb around noon in the day time. Jim November 7 Indians United.

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