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LADWP OPENS OWENS LAKE TRAILS      Nov. 2016 Project wins ASLA - Award of Excellence

Three public trails open providing public access to re-vitalized habitat for wildlife enabling important stopover location for migratory waterfowl and shoreline.

Now open, a massive land art project (by the architectural firm NUVIS and designer, Perry Cardoza) was dedicated on April 29, 2016 and is now open to the Public. Set amid the great expanse of what was once glittering Owens Lake, this monument/park with its central plaza, wavelike land forms and winding pathways will celebrate the long, varied and sometimes bloody history of the region. It's part of a much larger wildlife reclamation and dust mitigation project that is designed to restore portions of the lake and cut down on the alkali-ridden dust storms that blow across its parched surface. Read More about the Owens Lake Project

  2/22/2014 HOTSPOTS NEAR YOU Owens Lake, Lone Pine, California

Article LA Times April 26 Louis Sahagun

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Owens Lake Perry


Past Articles on the Challenges of Owens Lake

Outrage in Owens Valley a century after L.A. began taking its water  Sacramento Bee - By Tom Knudson; January 2014

Judge Won’t Let Los Angeles End Its Owens Lake RestorationALLGOV.COM May 3, 2013

Dreams, Dust and Birds: The Trashing of Owens Lake; Can Los Angeles fix the mess it made in Owens Valley - Karen Parker; January 2011

A Dusty Lake is Plumbed Halfway back to Life - High Country News - Matt Jenkins March 18, 2002


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