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Yes, 10 YEARS!

In the mid-1990s Jim Rogers trailed into Lone Pine, California.  Jim loved the heroes and heroines of classic Hollywood and so it was a natural thing for him to embrace the

In Memory of Dave Holland

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community and their efforts to celebrate Western heroes like Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, Gene Autry and John Wayne, to name a few.

The community leaders had a dream – a dream to build a museum that would pay tribute to many legends of the silver screen, providing for exhibits and archives that would forever tell the story of American’s western heroes and heroines.

Beverly and Jim Rogers provided support and resources to help the community bring these dreams to reality. He funded the administrative and legal support to initiate the process; and when the community delivered on its promise of acquiring land Jim immediately put his resources in place to build the structure. Through the hard work of the community and with Jim Rogers’ financial support, the Museum opened its doors in July, 2006

Since 2006, the Beverly and Jim Rogers Lone Pine Film History Museum has represented the fulfillment of the dreams of the Lone Pine community and stands as a testimony to Jim Rogers’ generosity.  In 2015 the Museum’s Board renamed the Museum the Museum of Western Film History in recognition of the Museum’s growth and diversity of cultural material and documentation.

Today, the museum’s memorabilia and archival documents are the core of our exhibits designed to stimulate dialogue in the enduring legacy of our American West. The Museum collection is one of the largest and most significant in the United States.

Over the past ten years the Museum has expanded in more ways than just the exhibits.  The modular, once used as a welcome center during the pre-construction of the Museum, is undergoing renovation work. When done, the modular building will become the Museum’s Research Center, housing an extensive library of books and articles as well as lobby cards, movie stills, and posters. This facility will complement the Museums archives providing additional opportunities for outside academic and public research. In addition to the Research Center, the Museum has a publishing arm that supports the Museum’s mission with complementary works. Our collection continues to grow with memorabilia collection.  The latest acquisitions being a rare, Technicolor 3 Strip film camera and most recently, a 1928 Lincoln Camera Car, which will be on display by the opening of the 27th Lone Pine Film Festival. 

The Museum inhabits a unique niche of western history and culture. Although there are many museums featuring documentation on films and historic screen figures, The Museum of Western Film History is the only museum devoted to chronicling western film history and its impact on American culture.

The Museum will always be appreciative and recognize the generosity and friendship of Jim Rogers and of his wife, Beverly. The greatest testament and tribute though will remain the memories that provide for countless visitors to the Museum.  Grandfathers sharing with their sons and grandsons memories of Saturday matinee B Westerns recognize their favorite Cowboy’s poster, a watch from a cereal carton, a comic book, a bicycle, a badge or one of thousands of other collectibles marketed during their youth. It’s touching to see them reminisce. Their eyes become dreamy and old memories become clear as they tell of their long forgotten childhood.

Thanks, to Jim, Beverly, and the many community individuals and public officials that have helped make this dream come true and in ensuring these memories are forever.

Happy Trails!

PS.This years Film Festival is #27!


A few pictures below. More to come. 

pouring sidewalks

August 15, 2006

History is also growing as new research continues to uncover more information about the activities of Hollywood here particularly in the early years. Langley's regular columns in The Inyo Register have described this early history, pushing the date of the beginning of filming back to 1915 in the area and uncovering additional films that filmed scenes here before 1920.

People were wondering when the Museum would be finished. Rrecently the sidewalks and curbs were poured and this week the asphalt for the parking lots is being added, giving the museum the finished look. Additional neon will be added to the façade as well. READ MORE...

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July 10, 2006,

It was all about community and cowboys when Lone Pine and surrounding towns in Inyo County gathered on Friday and Saturday, June 16th and 17th, 2006  to dedicate the Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History.

The event was surrounded by a series of celebrations and fundraisers that culminated in the banquet and concert entitled "A Celebration with Chaparral," held in famous Lone Ranger Canyon. Guests were treated to an elegant sit-down dinner co catered by two restaurants in town, the Merry-Go-Round and Bonanza, which featured a choice of tri-tip with burgundy mushroom sauce, chicken marsala or a vegetarian pasta. READ MORE ...

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