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Their art was not only in their talent but in their performances. Unfortunately - All lived short lives but they influenced a generation. This year’s Concert in the Rocks celebrates their lives and music with a wide range of talent that includes; four great vocalists:

Casey Hensley: Hensley is a 24 year old rising star in the southern California music community. This vocal powerhouse has been compared to some of the greats including Etta James, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Whitney Shay: Described as a “musical force” and someone who “sings with the depth and mojo of a woman twice her age” you might not expect such a voice to come in such a small (yet very exuberant) package.  It seems almost from the very beginning Whitney knew she wanted to be a performer; she got her start in her first production at the age of three.  In 2009 she decided to make the transition from acting in theatre to belting blues & jazz, and ever since she’s been in high demand singing at a myriad of venues performing more than 200 shows per year.  A versatile performer Whitney is able to fluidly transition from Blues to Jazz to R&B and Soul with heartfelt sincerity.  Whitney Shay is the 2017 San Diego Music Award Winner for Best Blues Artist, and has also nominated for Best Live Performer, andfor Best Blues Album (Soul Tonic).  She recently returned from her 4th tour of Brazil, and she has also performed at festivals in Mexico and Argentina.  Her music has been heard in films & commercials worldwide, and nationally on NBC’s hit show “Timeless”

Leonard Patton: Leonard Patton is a San Diego treasure. This extremely versatile performer has a rich a history in live theater. Leonard's range vocally and stylistically have no boundaries. His influences come from the jazz, soul, blues, and gospel world ranging from Al Green to Stevie Wonder. 

Robin Henkel: Henkel is a self-styled blues man, a revisionist, and an expert in performing the country music of the Delta. As such, he makes both bottleneck slide and lap steel guitar look easy. Grounded in the blues of Mississippi 1930s-50s,

These four dynamic talents will be backed by: Guitarists - Greg Douglass, Anthony Cullins, Anthony Contrerras; Bassist - James East; Drummer - Evan Caleb Yearsley; Saxophonist  - Johnny Viau and Keyboardist - Jody Bagley.

The evening’s performance
is a result of the creativity and imagination of Southern California producer, Ken Rexrode. While many have wondered if these iconic figures knew each other, and of course, many worked the same stage, Rexrode has taken us back to an evening, he likes to envision it as “Greenwich Village 1969”, where after a night out on the town, they all made their way back to a little known folk singer's apartment for an after-hours party. As the night went on and the party grew the music could be heard well into the morning hours. It was a moment in time...and until tonight, a story that has never been told.....

Rexrode Productions:

Kenneth Rexrode has a gift for finding the most amazing, talented artists and producing shows that are beyond comparison.  He doesn’t just put on a show, he creates a theatrical production complete with stage props and a storyline that attracts an elite audience.

Six String Society is a one of a kind musical theater production created and produced by Rexrode.  No two shows are ever cast the same. These productions have succeeded in packing venues such as Music Box and the Belly Up and have showcased such artists as Gregory Page, Chelsea Williams, Scott Gates, Peter Sprague, Leonard Patton, Buzz Campbell, Jonny Bowler, Robin Henkel, Thomas Leeb, Tim Walsh, Bob Ryan, Lee Koch, Michael Battista, Hovanes Hovanesian, Daniel Blank, Monette Marino, Don King, Caleb Fugatch, Joel Reese, Billy Watson, Ben Powell, Whitney Shay, David Maldonado, Erdis Mavhelaku, Nathan James, Nathan Rivera, Lola Demure, Missy Devine, Owen Burke, Eva Greenleaf, Tracy Black, Jessie Athan Smith, SherrI Anne, Tony Suraci, Jim Soldi, Jimmy Patton, Enrique Platas, Greg Douglass, Maritza Hasty, Casey Hensley, Laura Chaves, Evan Caleb Yearsley, Anthony Cullins, Jerod Dulaney, Jim Reeves, Bob Sale, Taimane Gardner, Jazzy, Kalei Gamiao & Dave Page.

This year he also is planning to take his Six String Society show abroad.  He will introduce some of San Diego’s finest musicians to places such as Paris, France and Asian countries such as the Philippines. Rexrode is on a mission to bring live music to the masses.

Go to the Six String Society Facebook Page and “Like” it. If we all support this effort we can work together let the world know that San Diego is a legitimate music hot spot.

 Dinner Tickets are SOLD OUT
A Limited Number of  "Concert Only" Tickets are available - call 760-876-9103


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Every June, the magnificent Lone Ranger Canyon, located in the Alabama Hills, is transformed into an “under the stars” venue for hosting the annual Lone Pine – “Concert in the Rocks”. The evening begins with a welcoming reception in the museum for annual members. Following the reception, members and other attendees are transported to the Alabama Hills for a "Cowboy Ranch" dinner preceding the show. 

When the entertainment starts, the evening sky is displaying early stars and the setting sun’s shadows are long on the canyon floor as the discreetly hidden lights create unique and mysterious shadows on the canyon walls. Master of Ceremonies  for the evening - Larry Maurice

boot_ImageCocktail Reception for Museum of Western Film History Members 4:30 PM

boot_ImageShuttle bus starts at 5.00 PM from the museum. (members and other attendees)

boot_ImageSit down dinner begins at 6:00 PM (Vegetarian Option Available)

Alabama Hills Cafe
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Lees Frontier
 Merry Go Round
Mt. Whitney Restaurant
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boot_ImagePay bar (wine, beer, spirits)

boot_ImageWater and soft drinks provided

boot_ImageConcert commences at dusk

boot_ImageReturn shuttle around 9:30 PM after the concert ends



Transportation to the Canyon IS ONLY by bus service.
Buses will leave the Museum for Lone Ranger Canyon at 5:15 PM.

The entry to Lone Ranger Canyon will be roped off providing entry ONLY to buses.


Tickets are SOLD OUT


 CALL FOR Availablity of
Concert Only Tickets


Please note: Concert Ticket purchases are FINAL. There are NO refunds

Staying the Night
Check out our Visitor Guide links for Local Motels
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History of Lone Ranger Canyon

While details differ, the basic story of the origin of the Lone Ranger is the same in most versions of the franchise. Six Texas Rangers are drawn into a remote canyon and ambushed by a band of outlaws led by Bartholomew "Butch" Cavendish. All are left for dead.

Later, a young Indian named Tonto stumbles on the scene and recognizes the lone survivor, Ranger Reid (whose first name was never given), as the man who had saved his life at some time in the past. He nurses Reid back to health after digging six graves for Reid's comrades, so that Cavendish will think there were no survivors, forgetting that Cavendish thought he had killed seven men in that canyon, including the traitorous scout who led the Rangers into the trap. Among them is Reid's brother, Captain Daniel Reid, who is a Captain of the Texas Rangers. Tonto fashions a black Domino mask using material from Captain Reid's vest to conceal the Lone Ranger's identity. Even after the Cavendish gang is brought to justice, Reid continues to fight for law and order against evil and crime under the guise of the Lone Ranger.

Yes, Kimosabes, that ambush happened in The Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California, in what is now called Lone Ranger Canyon. Each year, the Lone Pine community and Lone Pine Film History Museum pay tribute to the heritage of the canyon’s history by transforming the dramatic canyon into a magical entertainment venue under the Eastern Sierra stars.









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The Museum of Western Film History
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