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The talented, athletic Loren Janes, who comes from a family of ranchers, worked on 11 films in the Alabama Hills during his 48-year career and was a stunt double for many actors including Gregory Peck, Clint Eastwood and James Garner. As Steve McQueen's stunt double for 23 years, Janes' last film in the hills was McQueen's 1966 "Nevada Smith." James said he has compiled more than 500 features and 2,200 TV shows on his filmography as a stuntman, actor, stunt coordinator and second unit director.

Loren has long been visiting Lone Pine to work on films including How the West Was Won and Nevada Smith. He has frequently over the years, shared with Lone Pine audiences,  his "Behind the Action" candid footage on many of the films he appeared in and brings extra insight to them on the making of action pictures.  One year Loren shared his exciting career with the Lone Pine students. Another year he was a guest of the L.P. Lion's Club at their annual Flag Day celebration. He gave a program on the Bill of Rights for the students at Lo-Inyo and the high school.

Many members of the Film Festival and Museum Board attended the unveiling of his star on the sidewalks of downtown Santa Clarita. While Loren was officially lauded for his many years of cinematic accomplishments, the Lone Pine contingent was there to personally thank him for everything he has done for Lone Pine. President of the Festival and Executive Director Chris Langley stated, "We wanted to thank Loren and congratulate him personally for this honor. He certainly has earned it. He is both a talented and generous gentleman.

For over 24 years, Loren has attended every Festival and serves an active role as a Board member for the Lone Pine Film History Museum.. He has also contributed many items from his career to be exhibited in our Lone Pine Museum  See List below of the films shot in Lone Pine.

Loren Janes to Receive
Lone Pine Film Festival Life Achievement Award

Westerns have been produced in Lone Pine since the early 1920s bringing some of Hollywood’s best production units and directors to our Eastern Sierra landscape. The action, drama and adventure of these Westerns captured our imagination and we marveled at the death defying stunts, the fights, the jumps, and the great horsemanship as we watched our heroes risk life and limb for our silver screen enjoyment. But, when we ask, “Who was that masked man”, we should perhaps also ask: “Who was that stuntman who made our hero look so good on the screen”?

Great action movies require great stunt men and women. We are very lucky to have one of those legends in our community. He has supported the Lone Pine Film Festival since it's inception in 1989 attending all 24 years.  In Lone Pine, he made eleven movies over his career, stunt doubling for Steve McQueen in Nevada Smith, and Debbie Reynolds, in How the West Was Won.  I a career spanning nearly half a century he contributed his talents to such spectacular films as The Ten Commandments, Spartacus, The Magnificent Seven, Planet of the Apes, The Towering Inferno and Sons of Katie Elder. He has been an actor, director or stunt supervisor in over 500 feature films and 2200 TV shows.

The Festival Board is please to present Mr. Loren Janes, with our Lone Pine Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's festival, for not only his athletic ability and his commitment to the development of modern cinematic stunt design, but also in recognition of his lifelong dedication to furthering the culture and heritage of the Western in America.


Lauren On Nevada Smith
(A TCM Featurette)

Lauren On How the West Was Won

(A TCM Featurette)

List of Movies Made in the Eastern Sierra by Loren Janes

1957 Thunder in the Sun
1958 From Hell to Texas
1960 North to Alaska
Spartacus (segment)
1962 How the West Was Won
1966 Nevada Smith
1972 Wild, Wild Winter
Winter a Go Go
1975 The Other Side of the Mountain


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