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Welcome to the Museum of Western Film History

Explore, the museum's extensive collection of real movie costumes, movie cars, props, posters, and other memorabilia. This collection tells the story of filming in the area in and around Lone Pine from the early days of the Round Up to the modern blockbusters of today such as Iron Man. While you're here, don't forget to make the short trip up Whitney Portal Road and take the Self-Guided Tour of Movie Road and get a first hand look at real shooting locations of a great many motion pictures filmed in the beautiful Alabama Hills

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George_Montgomery_Pic_1George Montgomery, the youngest of 15 children, was born on August 27, 1916, and spent his formative years on a Montana homestead south of the Canadian border, not far from the areas where Charles Russell painted so vividly. During Montgomery's first year at the University of Montana, he left his architecture studies and moved to Hollywood. He became a film idol to millions, during the motion Picture industry's "golden years", following in the footsteps of actor and fellow Montanan, Gary Cooper.
Exhibit_Information_Click_Here__72_horge's film career spanned almost six decades. He starred in 87 films and numerous television shows, including the lead role as 'Matt Rockford' in the CIMARRON CITY TV series, which ran on NBC in 1958.

His earliest film work --- as George Letz --- occurred in the mid to late 1930s at Republic Pictures where he did bit parts and supporting roles in about thirty films, most of which were B westerns and serials.  During this period, his most remembered role was as 'Jim Clark', one of the five Rangers in the 1938 cliffhanger, THE LONE RANGER.  It was in late 1939, around the time that he exited Republic and signed with 20th Century Fox, that George Letz became George Montgomery.

George_Montgomery_SculptureIn addition to a demanding acting career, George found the time and energy to design and build a number of exceptional homes; craft fine furniture, create bronze sculpture and collect Western American artwork.



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Lone Pine in the Movies

Lone Ranger Canyon AA

With over 400 Movies filmed in The Alabama Hills visitors come from all over the World to see "Then & Now" and "Stand in" for their favorite actors.  See the many still shots from our archives in search of your favorite movie scene in Lone Pine.

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