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June 08, 2006:

The installation process has begun for the Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History with the arrival of two movie cars and the Overland Stage. They are all on-loan from the James E. Rogers Collection.
The two cars, one from High Sierra and the other from a Gene Autry film Trail to San Antone were brought by trailer from Mr. Rogers' Las Vegas Car museum which houses nearly 300 vintage automobiles in two buildings.
The Stagecoach, which was actually used in filming here and was restored on Main Street several years ago, has been up at the Sunbelt Communications studio in Pocatello, Idaho. Mr. Rogers has a Tennessee walking horse ranch near there.
museum neon.jpgThe Tremors 14-foot worm, whose actual name is the "exploding head graboid," has also arrived and George Brown welded a frame to support it on exhibition. The "ghost town," nicknamed "Red Dog" after the 1929 set built for Song of the West is also being assembled. The set, which stood for several years after filming was completed by Vitaphone, gave its name to the spot where Whitney Portal Road crosses Lone Pine Creek. Washed out in the floods of 1982, the area is significantly changed from the way it look in earlier years when Clara Bow drove her car off the road there one night.Mr. Rogers is also loaning the Museum several large framed three-sheet posters, artwork, and several pieces from his saddle collection.
The Museum will be dedicated on Saturday June 17th at 10 am on the site at 701 South Main Street and all community members are encouraged to join in the festivities.
There will be a reception and Sneak Preview for the community on Friday, June 16th from 5 to 7. There will be light refreshments and guided tours led by the many volunteers who have toiled so many years to make the museum a reality. Victor Silvas and Bobby Pino will entertain.
A few tickets remain for the western banquet and concert by Chaparral in Lone Ranger Canyon.


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