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COWBOY POET DOCUMENTARY, "Owen Badgett, The Gypsy Cowman",
A documentary about a cowboy poet who lives and works on a ranch in Eastern Montana.

Owen Badgett...The Gypsy Cowman tells the tale of Badgett, who, like his father before him, runs his herd of cattle on land he does not own. As the guide through the documentary, Badgett takes viewers on a journey back to a time that has been easily forgotten by many. He lives without electricity, he takes a 33-hour one-way bus ride once a year to visit friends in California, his horse is his best friend, and his word is his bond.To celebrate life as he knows it, Badgett has written and self-published three books of his poetry and stories, which have been enjoyed by many across the country. Badgett has appeared at a number of cowboy poetry gatherings, including Elko, Nevada; Lewiston, Montana; Salinas, Ridgecrest and Lone Pine, "The 'Gypsy Cowman' is a tribute to those who helped establish the West as an integral part of America's cultural heritage and to those who carry on those values today,"

Owen Badgett...The Gypsy Cowman was produced by Linda Lou Crosby with the support and encouragement  from the Lone Pine Film Festival Foundation and funding from the LEF Foundation. LEF is a private foundation that supports the creation and presentation of contemporary work in the visual and performing arts fields. Through its activities and programming, LEF funds projects of creative merit, cultural resonance, and timeliness. LEF's efforts reflect a belief in the value of experimentation and in the important role that art and its practice hold in society.

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"The Gypsy Cowman is an intimate story packed with moving interviews and captivating footage that will preserve and promote the heritage of the American West," said Chris Langley, executive director of The Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History.


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