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wild horse stampede.jpgApril 9, 2003: In the last nine months our film research has identified 10 silent films all of which shot scenes in and around Lone Pine. Most of them are Jack Hoxie films, thus verifying the suspicion we have had that Hoxie worked in Lone Pine a lot more than we knew. Here is the list and some photos from some of the films.

man wyoming.jpgHey!Hey! Cowboy 1927 Hoot Gibson

The Man From Wyoming 1924 Jack Hoxie

The Rambling Ranger 1927 Jack Hoxie

Wild Horse Stampede 1926 Jack Hoxie

The Red Warning 1923 Jack Hoxie

Riding Romance 1926 Al Hoxie

The Six Shootin Romance 1926 Jack Hoxie

The Sting of the Lash 1921 Pauline Frederick

Daring Chances 1924 Jack Hoxie


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