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By Chris Langley, Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History

November 11, 2003:

art-acord.jpgThe Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History has known for a long time that our list of silent films with scenes made in Lone Pine was very incomplete. Recently, Museum Executive Director Chris Langley has been focusing his research on filling in the missing film titles with good success. Nancy Masters, Inyo County Librarian has helped him use the microfilm records of the Lone Pine newspaper published from 1924 to 1931. It was called The Mt. Whitney Observer, and although the first two years are incomplete most the last part of 926 on is very complete. The local newspaper often reported when film companies were filming in Lone Pine, often with in depth coverage of how the film crews "interacted" with the town. The only challenge has been to trace from the working title to the film's actual release title.    
While still a project in progress the following films have definitely been identifies as Lone Pine films.

Clearing the Trail Hoot Gibson
The Silent Rider 1928 Hoot Gibson
The Sunset Trail 1924 William Desmond
The Western Rover 1927 Art Accord
The Man in the Raw 19-- Jack Hoxie
Brass Commandments 1923 William Farnum
The Clean-Up Man 1928 Ted Wells
The Border Cavalier 1927 Fred Humes
Chasing trouble 1926 Pete Mirrison
The Enchanted Hill 1926 Jack Holt
The Brute 1927 Monte Blue
Overland Red ____ William Desmond (wrking title of The Sunset Trail?)
Bad Lands 1925 Harry Carey
The Salt Lake Trail 1926 George Kesterton
Gun Gospel 1927 Ken Maynard
Swiss Movements 1927 Jimmie Admans
Splitting the Breeze 1927 Tom Tyler
Whistling Jim 1925 Big Boy Guinn Williams
Taking Chances 1925 Fred Humes
The Gold Trap1925 Fred Humes
The Square Shooter 1927 Fred Gilman
The Stolen Ranch 1926 Fred Humes

We have not identified any existing copies of any of these films yet. If anyone can help in this regard, please contact us.


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