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group-1 copy.jpgJune 4, 2003:

Mark Griggs wrote recently from Australia wondering if the Clarence Badger we have on our website from Lone Pine is the same movie director he lived with in Sydney, Australia when he was a boy. He was ten and describes Badger as a kindly, grandfather type in his last years. Badger man and dog-1 copy.jpghad moved to Australia permanently for reasons that still remain a mystery. There he directed two films and worked on two others. Mark has supplied us with archival picture images that his family had kept showing Mr. Badger professionally engaged in directing and meeting people in Australia. Some of the photos are from the Lone Pine Ranch that we had never seen before.

two people-1 copy.jpgLast week, Mark discovered a 16mm film in his shed that belonged to Mr. Badger, Enlargements of the frames identify it as all being up at the ranch or around the hills in Lone Pine. He estimates it to be about 6 minutes in length. Several people appear in it that we have not been able to identify. They could be visiting celebrities, Badger family or friends, or local Lone Pine people. If anyone can help us identify the people, we would be very grateful.

two men-1 copy.jpgEventually we hope to show the film at one of the festivals. There has been no word on the home movies that appear to be part of the cache of films now at the UCLA Archive. Because combining them all, we can get a good picture of what life was like at the Badger ranch during its early years.


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